Birth Related Trauma



Or perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event in pregnancy, or during the postnatal period? 
And even though it occurred in the past do you feel that it is still very present in your mind and is still affecting you?
It’s not unusual after any traumatic event for a person to feel out of sorts and in a state of shock.
Reoccurring, unwanted thoughts about the birth that run on a constant replay in the mind can be exhausting and produce anxiety. You may feel that you wish to move on but inexplicably you are unable to put it behind you. 



What is 3 Step Rewind


TBR 3 Step Rewind was developed by Alex Heath, a highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Antenatal Teacher and Birth Doula. It is an effective treatment that activates the brains natural ability to heal by using deep relaxation, guided use of the memory and imagination. 

The process lifts the negative emotions associated with the trauma memory and turns it into a normal memory, leaving you free to move on and live your life free from the destructive and debilitating effects of trauma. 

An average of 2- 3 sessions is usually required to release the trauma feelings so you can move on with your life and fully enjoy your journey into parenthood. You will receive a recording of a personalised guided imagery to listen to at home following the first session. You can find out more information about what happens in each session here.

I adhere to a strict code of conduct, attend regular supervision and participate in continuous professional development. You can see my accreditation here.

Who can be treated?


I treat women, birthing people and their partners at any stage during pregnancy and postnatally (with no time limit after giving birth) & health professionals who require short term emotional wellbeing support to overcome anxiety & symptoms of trauma. 

Location and cost

As we continue to find ourselves in precedented circumstances all therapy and support will continue to be offered via Zoom.


I would like to assure all potential clients that therapy via Zoom has proven to be equally as effective at lifting trauma symptoms as face to face sessions. I have lowered my prices to make my service as financially accessible to as many people as possible, it does not reflect a drop in quality:


30 min Initial appointment is FREE

 1.5 hour sessions - £60

Payment plans are available on request


I ask for 24hrs cancellation notice or the full session fee will be required.

Disclaimer: I offer a short-term form of psychological therapy. If we come to the conclusion during the process that other help is needed, I will of course refer you to another care provider (NHS & Private).

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